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  Dr. Rev. Cynthia Capaccio Others
Will Officiate Life’s Rites of Passage for All Faiths & Non-Religious Couples/Families Yes Varies
One-of-a-kind Ceremony, Script & Wedding Vows Written Just for You Yes
Offers Writing Services for Couples with other Officiants Yes
Truly Gets to Know You and Your Partner Yes
You Have FULL Control Over the Script Yes
Same ol’ script — New Names Filled-in the Blanks NEVER
Unlimited Drafts at No Additional Cost Yes
Unlimited Ceremony Consulting (via phone, email and text) regarding Music, Set-Up, Ceremony Enhancements, etc. at No Additional Cost Yes
Total Time Dedicated to You (Consulting & Writing) 100+ HOURS
Arrival Time Day Of Minimum of 2 Hours
Guests’ Arrival
10 to 30 Minutes before Ceremony start time
Rehearsal Run-Through on Day Of Yes
Professional Sound System and Discrete, High-Quality Lavaliere Microphones Yes
Your Guests Hear YOU During Your Vows Yes
Your Guests See YOU During Your Ceremony Enhancement Yes
Total Time Dedicated to You on Your Day (from arrival until ceremony completion) 5 to 8 Hours 20-45 Minutes
Set-Up/Execution: Troubleshooting, Organization, and Plan B. Yes
Collaborates with Your Vendors, Music Timing, etc. Yes
Will Officiate Anywhere You Wish Yes Varies
Marriage License Sent with Overnight Express Priority Mail, with Insurance and Tracking Yes
Handcrafts Ceremony Enhancements & Keepsakes Yes
One Ceremony Per Day Yes
Post Ceremony Marriage Certificate Updates Yes
Offers No Interest Payment Plans Yes
Price for Wedding Officiating $1000+ $150 to $950

I don’t just marry you. I bring your vision to life.

I produce a personalized experience for you and your guests to cherish for a lifetime.

While I am certainly not for everyone, I am the right fit for the discerning Couple who wants an original script and vows that reflect their love and who consider the ceremony to be a vital part of their wedding day. If that’s you, let’s talk!

† Unless ample time (minimum 6 hours apart) or appropriate distance is guaranteed.

More Information about Notaries and Clergy

I receive a lot of questions about the differences between my services and the services you may receive from a Notary Public or Clergy Member.

There are quite a few reasons why you may not want to hire the services of a Notary or Clergy for your special ceremony.

While Notaries can legally witness your union and process your license for you, they have no real formal training. More concerning is that they may or may not have the personality, charm, and charisma necessary to captivate and maintain your guests’ attention. It is likely that they have absolutely no experience in how to use the art of storytelling effectively to draw your guests in and take them on a journey through your relationship in order to relive the special moments you experienced together.

(The art of storytelling is one of my most treasured skills.)

Members of Clergy are often inflexible, making it mandatory for you to first get married in their house of worship on a weekday before your wedding; only then would they be willing to preside over a ceremony at your chosen venue on the day of your wedding. They will not allow for alterations that go against the cannons of their faith. The commitment they often talk about is the one you are making to the religious organization, and they often neglect to talk about the commitment you are making to each other.

(I am adaptable and willing to do whatever I can to create the perfect ceremony for you.)

Neither the Clergy or Notary will take the opportunity to truly get to know you are as individuals and as a couple. They will not know your parents’ names, etc.

(I take pride in getting to know you and the people most important to your big day.)

Both Clergy and Notaries arrive merely 5-20 minutes before the walk down the aisle.

(I arrive a minimum of 2 hours ahead of your guests, so I can ensure everything is on time and exactly as it should be on the day of your ceremony!)

Both Clergy and Notaries fill in the blanks with your names to an outdated, run-of-the-mill, tired and used ceremony script.

(All of my ceremonies and scripts are 100% original and unique to you.)

Both Clergy and Notaries throw a regular postage stamp on your license and hope for the best.

(I process and mail your marriage license using Overnight Delivery with insurance, tracking, and a signed receipt so we have proof your license has been received!)

Both Clergy and Notaries rely on the sound provided by your entertainment, which may or may not be an available option when working with classical musicians.

(All of my ceremonies include my discrete and high-quality Lavaliere microphones, so your guests hear you clearly – without any ugly microphone stands in your photos!)

If you have any questions about my services, please contact me. I would love to speak with you to determine whether I am the right fit for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony.

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Ceremonies with Cynthia supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as a Partner in Hope.

Now you too can assist these children and their families.

Portions of every ceremony will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"Commemorate your infinite love with a legacy that contributes to saving children's lives."

Congratulations on your special day!

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