Tips on Shopping for Your Wedding Day Attire

You are planning a day out with friends to shop for your wedding attire! How exciting?! Here are some things to consider before you go shopping so that you are prepared for the best experience and the best, most comfortable wedding day!

First of all, remember to have FUN! The wedding planning process should be fun! You may have begun this thought process in childhood, and now it is finally your turn to do it for real. Let your creativity move you. Get inspired! But get the idea out of your head that you will accomplish 100 things in a few hours. Go in with an attitude of “this is a day I get to spend with the people I love!” Do it early on in the engagement, after you book a venue because your venue could affect your attire, and you certainly do not want to be stuck with something that won’t work. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around for what feels right. Think of these excursions as more time with loved ones.

When you try on dresses, try on a bunch! Even the ones you swore you wouldn’t like…no, wait…ESPECIALLY the ones you never thought you would like because you will be surprised! So many of my couples have worn things they never thought they would because it looked perfect on them. There are so many options for all different body types and tastes, so have fun and give more than you expected a try. When else are you going to have this opportunity?! Tap into your inner-child, and have a blast!

When you find the right one, you will simply KNOW!!! Just like you knew your mate was the one, you will just know that you are wearing the perfect outfit for your special day. Just be aware that most Shops make their money in alterations, so when choosing a size to order, use your discretion. If you are normally a 4, but they are trying to sell you a 10 according to your “measurements,” your dress will more often than not be swimming on you. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions. See if there’s another dress from the same designer in the size they think you are, so you can see for yourself because you do not want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day. In the same token, if there are many more “fixes” before you pick up your wedding day attire, you may want to insist that you try it on to make sure those final alterations were made. I cannot tell you how often my Brides will complain that the last bit of alterations were never done! And then they are stuck with a dress that does not fit right. Your main goal should be to FEEL and look your best!

Which brings me to my last bit of advice: If your dress is even slightly uncomfortable—it has boning, itchy beading, sweetheart neckline that you have to keep pulling up—you may want to consider buying a second dress to change into that is COMFY. Your wedding day is crazy long! You will be walking a lot. You will be sitting a lot. You will be standing a lot. You will be exhausted after this whirlwind of an amazing day, and if you are uncomfortable in your attire, your misery will be tenfold. I always advise that my couples bring a change of comfortable shoes AND clothes because feeling comfortable will positively affect your mood, so you can make the most out of your wedding day.

I share this insight with the sole intention of helping you make your wedding day experience as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

Enjoy the process, and Happy Planning!

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