Custom-written ceremonies that honor you, your wishes, and beliefs.

I’ve always believed that a perfect ceremony uniquely reflects the people it is honoring. No two humans are exactly alike, so why should our life’s most precious ceremonies be copied-and-pasted?

While I honor traditions, I believe that customs can be made even more beautiful by personalizing them to pay tribute to the individuals we are celebrating. And if you’re not drawn to a particular tradition, then it’s a priceless opportunity to create your own!



Most wedding ceremonies are long, boring, and disconnected from the couple. What I do is completely different.



Services We Offer

In addition to weddings, I create ceremonies to celebrate life’s important events. I deliver one-of-a-kind ceremonies (that you have full control over), so your ceremony will uniquely reflect your family. If you are not exactly sure what your vision is yet, I will guide you through the options to create your perfect day.