Life Celebrations

Celebrations of Life



There may not be a more suitable time to commemorate life than when a Milestone Birthday arrives. Collaborating the answers of up to 4 friends or family members from my detailed questionnaire, I create a one-of-a-kind narrative that can be used in a variety of ways to journey through the Guest of Honor’s Life. With a selection of options ranging from just the script itself to MP3 recordings and live deliveries, we are sure to find the best way to honor your loved one’s special Milestone Birthday. (Can be adapted to commemorate a Milestone Anniversary that segues into a Vow Renewal!)



When we bring an animal into our homes, they become an intricate part of our lives; they become our family. And so, naturally, when they pass away, we experience a deep pain over their loss. Creating a loving memorial ceremony that honors the years shared with that special animal allows family members the opportunity to grieve the animal’s loss and find some comfort in reliving memories that highlight the animal’s personality and relationship with every member of the family. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate all the love and happiness your pet brought into your life.


Honor your special loved one who has departed by holding a funeral or memorial service to celebrate their life. I’ve always felt that the most special services included participation by family members with the addition of personal touches, such as a reflection on the important details of the loved one’s life.

When working with families to create this special occasion, I create an original ceremony script after I spend time gathering information from you and other family members to ensure the ceremony is unique, personal, and memorable. I can also adapt many of my Ceremony Enhancements to make a funeral or memorial service a cherished memory to honor your loved one, such as the Message in a Bottle and Seashell Toss, which are ideal for services near or on the water.

We’ll work together to include anything you wish, such as poems, music, and personal tributes from other family members that you feel will appropriately honor your loved one. Whether you want a religious or non-religious service, I can customize it to fit the needs and wishes of your loved one and those closest to the departed.

During this time of grief, I will ensure that the ceremony I create will give you a sense of comfort and closure, allowing you to reflect on the time that you shared with joy and gratitude for having had such a special person in your life.

In such a difficult time, the amount of responsibilities and questions you have may feel overwhelming to you. This is why I highly recommend working with an experienced Funeral Director, and there is only one man who stands out above the rest in my eyes: Joe Rubin of The Rubin Memorial Chapel.

Mr. Rubin caters to and welcomes all families regardless of their faith, even though his site states that he works with those affiliated with Judaic beliefs. To learn more about what sets his care apart from the rest, please visit his website: The Rubin Memorial Chapel. It will be a great first step to begin planning a service that honors the life of your loved one. Joe takes care of so much of the technical responsibilities, so you are granted the time and space to appropriately grieve and begin your healing process.


Before the service, family members closest to the departed can write their loved one a note expressing whatever thoughts and sentiments they wish their loved one to know. At the service, these messages are rolled up and placed inside a glass bottle, which is then corked and tossed into the water during a moment of silence. This symbolizes the hopes for continued connection with their loved one even though they are no longer physically with us.

This Ceremony Enhancement includes all attendees at the service. Friends and family are asked to write their deepest wish or final thoughts upon a seashell for their loved one. Guests who prefer to keep their sentiments private can choose instead to infuse the shell with their wishes. At the service, these shells are tossed into the water during a moment of silence to symbolize the hopes for continued connection with the departed loved one.

The Ceremony of the Rose is yet another way to pay homage to a departed loved one, and it can involve only those closest to the loved one or every person in attendance at the service. A vase is set up beside a framed photo on a separate altar, and each person is given a rose to place within the vase as they ponder their deepest sentiments and prayers to their loved one. Depending upon how many people are involved, music adds a lovely touch during this ritual.

Doves mate for life, so they serve as a perfect symbol for the newly wedded couple. Releasing doves during the wedding ceremony visually represents the couple beginning a new life together. It is the hope of everyone in attendance that you and your new partner will begin this new segment of your life with the same freedom, ease, and peace as the doves’ flight. Whether the doves are released to commemorate departed loved ones at the beginning of the ceremony, or they are used immediately following your recitation of vows, releasing doves in your ceremony is a unique and memorable enhancement.