I made a promise when I started my business: I would never jeopardize my commitment to my couples.

Part of that commitment means I never book more than one ceremony per day. Ceremonies rarely begin on time, so booking multiple ceremonies on the same day could mean taking the risk of being late — and that is something I am not willing to do on one of the biggest days of my couple’s lives!

Naturally, that meant I was constantly turning away couples, and they would always ask me who I could trust to recommend in my place. However, since most other officiants do book more than one ceremony per day, I could not comfortably vouch for them.

I had to come up with a solution, but who could I possibly trust to deliver excellence for these important events?
Who could have the same skills, characteristics, professional qualities, and commitment that I have?
Who could I trust to be punctual, helpful, to go above and beyond for my couples on their special day?
Who could articulate the words I write about my couples with eloquence and poignancy?
Who could captivate and maintain an audience’s attention — and know how to deal with unexpected interruptions with humor and grace?
Who would be culturally adaptable in order to relate to various beliefs and backgrounds?
Who would care enough about my couples to do whatever it takes to help produce the best experience possible?
Who would uphold my company’s integrity and make me proud?

“An educator” was the answer that kept coming to me.

As a former Professor of English, I know that instructors at this level already have so much of what is necessary to do this job well! Most of us professors are natural-born helpers. That’s why we chose to teach in the first place: We love helping others! We are at our best when we are engaged in activities that contribute to the happiness or well-being of another person. We are punctual. We are comfortable in front of an audience, and we are challenged to make learning something new, interesting, and enjoyable, and so we must learn the art of storytelling. We must adapt to our audience in order for them to experience the full benefits of the information we are relaying.

And so I searched for, vetted, and trained a handful of outstanding professors from local colleges and universities to deliver the ceremonies that I create for my couples when I am scheduled to preside over another ceremony on the same date.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my PrOfficiantstm

Allow the term to bring whatever comes to mind. I’ll help you: Professional…Professor…Officiant…Proficient…These folks are all that and so much more.

Alicia Haywood

Alicia Haywood is an award-winning producer who has been working in the professional media industry for 29 years. She is a gifted, inspiring creator who successfully leads productions toward impacting audiences. Her credits include: iHeartMedia, How Stuff Works, Fusion TV, Microsoft’s AltspaceVR, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah Radio, Onion Studios, AOL/TechCrunch, ABC Radio Networks, Hebrew Seminary for the Deaf and Hearing, The Style Network, The History Channel, and SiriusXM. She has also produced content for such major brand clients as: Intel, Britannica, Jockey, Arby’s Foundation, Rooster Teeth, Naturally Savvy, and LiveNation.

With notable career achievements spanning television, film, print, radio, and digital media platforms, still her most fulfilling successes stem from her role as an educator—making lasting impressions on the minds of the next generation.

As the founder of iSpeakMedia, a Florida-based nonprofit organization, Alicia focuses on advancing media literacy education in communities that need it most. In addition, she is an assistant professor of convergence journalism, and has led programs in digital filmmaking, video production, game art and design, media animation, as well as visual effects and motion graphics at the post-secondary level.

In 2014, she shifted into a minimalist lifestyle after purposefully giving away everything she owned. The release was an intense exercise in faith, humility, surrender…and walking in generosity cultivated by authentic human connection. The most heart-affirming next level of this transformation was becoming a PrOfficiant—relishing in the honor of joining families together on one of the most joyful days of their lives.

She has a B.A. in broadcast journalism, M.A. in media studies, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate of curriculum and instruction at FAU.

Alicia serves couples and families in South Florida.

Dr. Alana Milich

Dr. Alana Milich is a teacher, mother, public speaker, and singer.

She started her career as an actor/singer but in following her love of science and helping people, she earned a doctorate in Chiropractic. While practicing, Dr. Alana was also a Professor of Anatomy and Diagnostics Lecturer for medical and chiropractic schools. Dr. Alana continued to sing and has performed in many a cappella groups, such as Soundtrax and Third Row Center, as well as in her own Jazz trio, Blue Impulse, and as a back-up singer for such varied performers as Paul Anka and Idol Generation (a Billy Idol Tribute Band). She enjoys acting and improv and is also the founder of Victorian Voices, a costumed Yule time Caroling quintet that performs all over South Florida.

In her capacity as a Life Coach, Dr. Alana specializes in helping couples and families create healthy and fulfilling relationships through honest conversation, realistic expectations and understanding communication styles. She is also currently a teacher in Palm Beach County, where she teaches college-level classes to high school students.

All of these different loves and talents come together perfectly in her role as a PrOfficiant. Her compassion, empathy, humor, understanding and celebration of all things loving make Couples and their guests feel as if they’ve known Dr. Milich for years and years. Her congenial presence gives Couples a sense of calm, knowing that their ceremony will be perfect.

Alana serves couples and families in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Scott Fried

Scott Fried is an educator, international award-winning speaker and writer.

As a person living with HIV for over 35 years, he survived that 20th century pandemic, where his HIV/AIDS support group became the inspiration for the Broadway musical “RENT.” Scott’s work spotlights the adolescent years, shining a powerful message of love, self-respect and mental wellness. He is the author of four books, including his newest, How to Raise an Elegant Teen: The ABCs of Gen Z Parenting. He is an adjunct professor at Colby College where he teaches a popular class called “AIDS and the Meaning of Life.” Scott also offers one-on-one behavioral coaching to teens, parents, and couples, and he facilitates virtual support groups for parents of trans children. In his spare time, he leads civil rights tours through the American south, teaching the history of MLK.

Scott has compassionately guided families through their grief by presiding over their loved one’s funeral and memorial services with heart-felt ceremonies. He currently lives in New York City with his beagle, Galileo, and he serves couples and families in New York, Alabama, Georgia, and Maine.

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