Fees for Service

If you’ve been perusing my website, you can probably tell by now that my services are very different from what other officiants offer. If I have the honor of presiding, you’ll be working with a former English Professor, Ordained Minister, and trained public speaker with two Master’s Degrees and a Doctorate in Divinity.

What makes my service different?

When you work with me, you have someone on your team that is just as invested in your perfect day as you are. Even more importantly, you have an expert to lovingly guide you through the process of wedding planning.

Here is just some of what you can expect when we work together:
  • Unlimited access – you will have my expert attention on every tiny detail. We can have frequent emails and texts, a few calls, and at least 1 video chat the week before your big day.
  • No cookie-cutter scripts in my toolkit! Your ceremony and vows uniquely reflect you and your partner
  • When crafting your ceremony and vows, I offer unlimited drafts.
  • You have full control over all aspects of the ceremony’s content. Your wish is my command!
  • I offer a selection of Ceremony Enhancements to give you creative ways to visually declare your union.
  • A professional audio engineer operating a high-tech sound system including Bose speakers and lavaliere wireless microphones hidden on both of you. Why? So your audio quality is flawless — and your photos won’t show ugly microphone stands!
  • My team and I arrive at least 2 hours prior to your guests’ arrival, and we often take on “day of ceremony” tasks that are outside of our normal scope of responsibilities to ensure that your ceremony goes as smoothly as possible. (PrOfficiants arrive 1 hour prior to guests’ arrival.)

Here is a summary of our services and their price points:


$3,450—custom-written ceremony and read-alone vows; full editing control with unlimited drafts; state-of-the-art audio equipment, including DJ services to provide 45-60 minutes of customized Prelude music, Processional, and Recessional, with final movie-scene like ending paired with the kiss; with Cynthia presiding.

$3,250—custom-written ceremony and read-alone vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; full audio; no DJing; with Cynthia presiding.   

$2,950— custom-written ceremony with repeat-after-me-vows; no read-alone vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; full audio; with Cynthia presiding

$1,950—custom-written ceremony and read-alone vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; no audio; with  PrOfficiant presiding

$1,750—custom-written ceremony with repeat-after-me-vows; no read-alone vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; no audio; with PrOfficiant presiding. 


$1,650—custom-written ceremony and read-alone vows; full editing control with unlimited drafts; No Officiant—this option is perfect for couples who want a friend or family member to preside but need help putting it all together. This comes with a tutorial for your loved one, so they deliver it like a professional!

$1,100—custom-written ceremony with repeat -after-me-vows; no read-alone vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; No Officiant. Just an awesome ceremony script that your chosen professional  officiant simply reads!

$400—a set of custom-written vows; editing control; unlimited drafts; No Officiant. Just an amazing set of vows that are perfectly balanced in length and sentiment for both of you! Your chosen professional officiant just has to allow the space for you to read your vows to each other.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss all the wonderful ways we can bring your vision to life.